The Basic Rules of Web Design and SEO for Your Business

The Basic Rules of Web Design and SEO for Your Business

If you have your website, whether, for business or personal exposure, it is important to follow a few basic rules of web design.

Anchor Text

When it comes to the copy of search engines such as Google, users are presented with a list of links on the left-hand side of the page, they will click through to another site located on the right-hand side of the page. So where is the majority of the link going to take them?

In the title bar, and also in the body of the page, the link should include your keywords or your keyword phrases, not just as the description of how to use whatever the link you have on the page is to take them to another page, but also close to the top of the page. Otherwise, you could be competing for valuable SEO space with the whole world.

H1 Header

Having a full page of “out of context” content with the H1 header miss-spelled will not affect conversions and rewards for your website.

In the current Google algorithm, the page title is included in the title bar, far more than any other tag. This has made it a prime spot to place your keyword phrases and also a meta description of the page, which will not only be read by Google, but also by the other search engines when determining which page gets ranked.

Let’s investigate the page title

Having a full page of content with your keyword phrase far more often is the correct way to go.  Many people are still doing this, that is why there is such a Google ranking problem.

Meta Description

In today’s Google algorithm, Meta Description is still well worth carrying a page or two with a Google ranking tag such as “for users or customers”. To get the meta description to match what your page is is extremely important.

The meta description should have all your keywords, not just for each page but also close to the top of the page. Once again, this needs to be to include on all your pages who need this to be accurate.

Deployment in the Market and the Search Engines

Call to Action

A call to action offers the buyer an incentive to get involved with your online business. Calls to action are nothing more than that “everything and anything – for what it costs”. If you use this method you encourage enterprising businesses to get in involved with your Online Business – and that will only encourage more businesses to come in and get involved.

Opt-In List

This is an email service or tactic that beneficial responses use. The object of an opt-in list is to encourage buying. The fact that someone has opted in to get a free item is usually enough to motivate them to click on the link to get that free item.


It is a strategy that improves your efficiency and benefits in key areas of Online Marketing. Imagine thinking of a business picture and a website address, but where the web address was set up differently to trick people into thinking they were coming to the website. As a business owner, a cloaking service can help you increase your sales.

Door to Door Services

This is used by businesses that no longer need to leave their homes to reach customers. Dogs and cats, consumers being a very picky bunch, do not like to get on the freeway or the advice of strangers becomes an almost essential service. This is an idea that is used to lure more people onto the highway, and then they will happily pay you the Internet marketing services for leads.

Email Opportunities

This is a very successful tactic and is called direct marketing. This is the opposite of the above-mentioned door to the door marketing technique. Instead of sales websites are set up to collect email addresses that are then directed to companies’ sales campaigns, usually in the form of newsletters. That way of “mailing” to your clients is not at all intrusive.

Auction Sites

Do not underestimate the power of eBay. This is a vast community whose members all worth your time. This is a hugely important point in all marketing. Once you have a name for your business you cannot take that name away from anyone or for as long as you keep your name around. You will get out of eBay what you put into it!

Search engine optimization is the ultimate mystery of the Internet. They have the tools for generating sales and profits. The above-mentioned list of Online Marketing Strategies is just the beginning of their intricacies.

Comprehensive Internet Marketing is referred to as the process of taking an established business and expanding its visibility to a wide audience. Internet Marketing involves at the very least creation of a website, trade (online or rather online trade) listing, email marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, blogging, social media marketing, customer satisfaction enhancement, online reputation management, online public relations, and product positioning or creation.


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