How to Do Online Marketing on Facebook

Facebook app on the phone

I have been marketing online for almost forty years now. Ever since the first days of the internet, there were wonderful companies that certainly were going to sustain in the long run. Get a website but in my opinion “we built my home all on the cheap”. It’s not rocket science, it’s human-to-human interaction. It’s much, much more than a pretty face!

Main reasons why Facebook is so popular

Online marketing on Facebook is one of those endeavors that I recommend to my clients. Here’s why.

Facebook has over 400 million active members.

That is awesome. Really, awesome! Facebook is a daily web, a daily web-wide forum for users. They call themselves “90% of the people”. From those 400 million members, how many of them are going to buy something? Let’s assume that the average spending power of a Facebook user is $300. My odds of selling my business training to 100,000 Facebook users with a $300 value per member are pretty darn good!

Imagine if you had a tried and true marketing plan that you could send the message to your audience on Facebook. Facebook has probably millions of members, and you can reach much more with a message than you possibly could on your website or blog.

Yes, just like with offline advertising

Given that my target is Facebookians with $300 to spend online rightly so, my ads need to be directed to the particular demographic I’m looking for. Now you can’t do that on a blog post, but then again, neither can you do that on a newspaper-print ad.

Imagine that you had, let us say, a $300 business training package, and you had an ad on Facebook that directed it to your intended demographic, chances are you would get the sale. What else do I need? My ads are as follows:

“We are seeking a business coach or trainer with over 4 years of experience. You can find out more about our services at (your compliment yours)”.

“We do business coaching and training to small to medium-sized businesses. We do not charge a lot of money, and our services are easily accessible. We are friendly, professional, and we know what we’re talking about, (your compliment yours again).

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