Facebook Video Ads – Crazy Effective For Your Business

Video adverising

Ever since Facebook came onto the scene in 2004, thousands of people have signed up with Facebook and tried to figure out how best to harness Facebook’s viral power to drive cash to their bottom lines. There are a few very good books available that show you step by step how you can get the most bang for your buck with Facebook marketing.

One book I was very pleased to learn about was Facebook Videos; it shows you how to use some of the new Facebook features to your ad’s advantage. This will help you leverage Facebook advertising to reach a wider range of audiences in a fraction of the time. Your video will be seen by current users of the site, which makes this an ever-expanding pool of potential customers. This book categorizes the best type of Facebook marketing videos and how to get the most mileage out of them.

Important things to remember

1. The Facebook Videos Introduction Video is a short introduction video that is played when someone first signs into Facebook. Its title gets a “like” from every viewer and becomes a Facebook Buzz just by having it on.

2. The Facebook Video Ads Book is much more extensive yet easy to read the book. In it, you will learn Facebook Support Techniques from the creators themselves.

3. How To Find A Fan Page Type Group in your niche. These folks spend, spend, and spend some more and will give you higher CTRs (click-through rate) than you can imagine.

4. Which Affiliate Program To Promote – My Top 2 For Christmas 2009. What? Do you ask? Affiliate Programs – Ads That Get A thousand dollars for every dollar spent! ClickBank is a great source for affiliate programs and traffic.

5. How To Get Good Traffic That Stays? The Facebook Places Book shows you how to drive traffic to your Facebook Fan Page, so you can attract the most coveted spot in Facebook Search.

This is just a sampling of the cool books that are available to help you get the most out of Facebook and outdo your competitors.

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