How Email Delivery Systems Killing Your Email Marketing

Email Delivery System

When it comes to email marketing as we know it, we address the recipients of our email with the same name and surname as the recipient. In a contained and protected world to protect against abuse and junk or non-subscribed junk, this is a perfect situation to have, and users and recipients get to know each other.

How the spam and junk affecting on delivery system

Well, the argument is based around the use of servers that handle large volumes of users, but are generally located by nature within the borders of the recipient country – i.e. located onshore. We say that our delivery zones consume lean resources playing within a diverse pool of users, but since the pool is small, the nations’ ABS (AreaPostal Suction Management) and ABS are only handling maybe 1 percentage of the customers who bring their mail to the countries borders. I say, good for you!

On the other end of the scale, the delivery systems of what we call Email Segmentation are the only country-specific or by ISP. The data centers that deliver the mail such as *Atelech* are themselves handled by these ISPs and, there are only a few global email delivery systems. Meaning that there are not the major ordering and returning providers who send a lot of the globally distributed mail. The sending company is the important part.

Types of sender accounts

Let’s identify the different types of sender accounts available, may I ask, what are they? Well, there are two 🙂 The evil messer type, the data centers that deliver mail which is next to the next world’s Indie established Factory and, they handle billers and data centers, and the revolutionary new method or entertaining domains (speaking including POP and IM), these emails are sent by a self-propelling sending system that is coming from ISP firms such as Google, ISP’s and the SSA (Secure Socket Layer).

So to the question; is email marketing killing your current techniques? Probably not. It is evolving and leading the up and coming world into the world of tomorrow.

You will have to read my next article on my new blog to see them in more detail and what to find out. In the meantime, do check out these sites that will help you get started with email delivery.

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